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  • Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Video Games, Here’s How November 13, 2019
    If you have ever played a video game, you’ve surely come across a specific situation that made you fly off the handle. Maybe it was an NPC in, say, the GTA series that got inexplicably stuck in a tree preventing you from going through with a mission. Perhaps it was an infuriatingly hard final boss, […]
    Javier Roldan Perren
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    Investment decisions are seldom easy and often tricky. First comes in the factor of learning all that there is about investing, the types and ways to go about it; and then comes in the element of understanding what the returns would be on your investment. You need to think long before you decide to invest […]
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  • Could Your Business Survive a Cyberattack? November 13, 2019
    The way we work is changing, with more businesses adopting online-only models and remote working every day. However, while these new practices offer new opportunities, they also provide additional vectors for attack. Given that cybercrime is on the rise, and that almost 60% of cyberattacks target small businesses, this is a problem that we can […]
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  • Biometric Verification Trends – Evolving Use Cases November 13, 2019
    Biometric verification, including face recognition, iris scan, fingerprints, and palm recognition is being widely used in the corporate sector for security and ID verification purposes. The booming usage of facial recognition technology is streamlining the identity verification process and it is also more accurate than other forms of biometrics. A survey shows that 67% of […]
    Kevin Martez

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