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  • How to Create a Successful Blog and Fill It With Brilliant Posts August 13, 2020
    Millions of children are dreaming to become popular bloggers. Millennials leave offices to make money with their blogs alongside popular brands, which use business blogging as an advertising tool. So, more and more people are wondering how to write a great blog and what to talk about to make it interesting. From content marketing to […]
    Olga Samoylenko
  • 6 Ways You can Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy August 13, 2020
    Can machines think? These words were uttered by Alan Turing in the year 1950, nearly 70 years ago. Since then, computers have evolved at a mind-boggling speed, carrying out more tasks than it was ever thought they could.  From Sofia (the humanoid you can have conversations with in real time) to Google’s AI-powered call screening […]
    Aditya Kathotia
  • The Way Intelligent Technology is Reshaping the Hotel Industry August 13, 2020
    Today, innovation is becoming the main characteristic of a modern economy. The relevance of smart technologies is justified by the rapid globalization of the world market and the shortening of the product life cycle. It affects all industries, without exception.  In the hospitality business, innovation affects the technological aspects of the production of the hotel’s […]
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  • The Essential Facts of LLCs You Need to Know as a Small Business Owner August 13, 2020
    Image Courtesy: GovDocFiling Businesses can have varied structures, ranging from Sole Proprietorships to Corporations. Limited liability companies (LLCs) are among the most popular structures for small businesses owing to their tax benefits and ease of operation. Additionally, they’re quite easy to form, as compared to corporations. That’s why many new entrepreneurs prefer this business structure […]
    Brett Shapiro

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