Three SEO plans to consider… review plan details below.

WordPress Basic Plan – $79.95

Monthly Maintenance

WordPress Core Updates

Our most cost-effective plan is our WordPress Basic plan.  The primary value of updating your website is for security and to keep your site current with the most updated information available.  Our basic plan will provide this coverage for you.  WordPress is continually improving the security of their software and updates will take advantage of the security improvements.

WordPress is the most used software for Content Managed Websites (CMW) and websites in general. What most business owners don’t realize is that WordPress software needs to be kept up to date to make sure your site is competitive with other websites.  Outdated sites will not be included in top search engine data bases.

Plugin Updates

Plugins for WordPress provide special functions for your website. Examples would be a photo gallery, or a store for selling products. As with the WordPress software, plugin software needs to be updated regularly.

Plugin updates are required to keep the Plugin compatible with the WordPress updates as well as to improve the security of your website.  Our basic WordPress plan will provide this service and your plugins will always be updated to the latest version available.

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Site Backup

Although most websites never get corrupted, it does happen.  Outdated sites are the first to be targeted by viruses and bad actors out there.  Keeping a backup of your website and keeping everything updated is your insurance that you can be up and running quickly in the event of a site disaster.

Our basic WordPress backup service creates a monthly backup of the website. WordPress content is stored in a database and retrieved from the database when site visitors ask to see one of your pages. Our backup service creates a monthly backup of your database too.

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WordPress Professional – $149.95

Monthly Maintenance and SEO

WordPress Core and Plugin Updates
Backup Website and Database

+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our WordPress Professional plan provides all services included in the basic plan but also includes search engine optimization methods and a monthly analysis of your primary search criteria keywords.

This is an added value which can increase your site visibility and drive conversions your way.

We use Google tools to monitor the effectiveness of your search terms and content. Through analysis we work to improve your Search Engine ranking by adding, removing or replacing search terms, phrases, and content.

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Content Writing

Price is quoted separately per project.

You may be considering hiring a full-time blogging specialist or just need us to develop effective, mobile-friendly, searchable content for your website. Great content strategy pays off by increasing your chances for site conversion.  Increase your website footprint using our SEO knowledge and writing expertise.

We have content writing packages available for one page to multiple pages.  By using the information we glean from you, we will develop the right message for your unique brand. We use specifically targeted keywords within the content to attract your target audience and to get you listed on search engines. Each project is one of a kind and therefore priced separately.

We will also provide a list of independent bloggers available for you to consider. Can’t wait to get started … contact us for availability.

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